We understand that when it comes to running your own financial advice business, it’s important to have a steady income. That’s why we strive to make sure our advisers not only have the best retention rate possible, but also the most reliable and consistent income. We are committed to helping you build a successful business and reach your financial goals.

With this in mind, we now offer a minimum retention rate of 85% to new advisers that join us in their first year while maintaining the capability to retain up to 95%.

We empower our advisers to earn more and be happier doing so. After your first year, you will then move to our standard retention rate, where you will still be capable of retaining up to 95%.

Find out how much you could earn after your first year by using our retention calculator below.

After your first year you will move to our standard rate where you can retain up to 95%

Our unique charging structure is designed to reward advisers for their hard work and dedication. We believe that this system allows us to provide a fair and equitable compensation package for our advisers that is highly competitive in the industry.

By offering a tiered production bonus and a recurring income ‘extra bonus’, we are able to reward our advisers for their production level. As advisers’ production increases, the percentage they pay decreases, allowing them to keep more of what they earn. Additionally, advisers have the opportunity to earn an additional 5% bonus for meeting our client support agreement standards.

With this structure, our advisers are able to maximise their earnings while providing quality service to their clients.

Remember, when using our retention calculator, that if your “Effective % you receive” is less than 85%, you will still receive a minimum of 85% in your first year. With our help, you have the potential to earn even more in subsequent years. Visit our adviser benefits page to discover how.

Enter new business
Enter annual recurring business
CII - Chartered Financial Planner
In millions, how much could be invested through Vero Platform
Current position
Overall Pay
Effective % you receive%
If you are happier in business, research shows that you will be 12% more productive.
Current position plus 12%
Overall Pay
Effective % you receive%

Please note; this pay calculator reflects the actual calculator used to determine payments and bonuses however the figures shown should only be used as a guide. Payments will depend on your actual production annually. For further information please contact us to discuss. Revised rates effective from 1st January 2019

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