A story about goals…

Working together

3 men are set a challenge. They are all given a target destination to reach, with the quickest to arrive being the winner. However, they must first go into the next room and choose one person from a thousand to take on their journey with them, knowing that they will be tethered together for the entire journey.

The first man goes into the room of a thousand people and chooses the person closest to the door, as they’ll be the most eager to go on the journey, and immediately sets off.  The second man chooses the smallest, most timid person he can see as he enters the room, as they’ll cause him the least problems on his journey, and sets off within a few seconds.

The third man doesn’t act so quickly as the others. He takes his time talking to people in the room about the journey he is going to take and where his goal is, and soon discovers that every one of the thousand people in the room has their own destination that they need to reach. After a while, the third man finds a person who’s target destination is the same as his own, and they set out on their journey.

Because they have a common goal, and both work together to reach it, the third man and his partner win the challenge despite setting off much later than the others.

The first man soon hit struggles when he and his partner, both eager to reach their individual goals set off vehemently in different directions and get stuck going nowhere.

The second man, being much stronger, cares not for any will of his chosen partner and belligerently sets off towards his destination, dragging his poor partner along the way. But carrying such weight makes the journey much slower.

There are many things we can take form this story, but mainly the knowledge that if we all work together to reach the same goal, we’ll get there much quicker, and much happier.