Become a Happy Financial Adviser

At Truly Independent we truly believe that happiness leads to success. If you are an experienced financial adviser looking for a new approach to serving your clients, loving your work, and building your own long-term financial security, then we are the company for you.

Founded in 2010, we are a national firm of experienced Independent Financial advisers who provide a more contemporary method of financial planning. We are strong believers that everyone should have access to financial advice that is not governed or influenced by others. Our advisers have an extensive level of knowledge, experience and expertise, and have the freedom to research the whole market to get the best deal for their clients.

Some of the benefits we provide:

Generous payment structure
The more you earn, the less percentage you pay. Advisers are paid between 70% to 95% of their gross income dependent on their production level.

Long term future
We are a company with a long term ambitious future in mind, ideal if you require consistency with minimal client disruption and seek to remain independent.

Systems in place
Once you join Truly you will be provided with a range of systems to offer support and guidance to aid you in your work.

In-house marketing opportunities
Receive your own custom website and benefit from our marketing solutions. We are also active on social media and email/search engine marketing.

Succession strategy
Help is available when you start to consider retirement. We have implemented a succession strategy into our business that will help you when the time comes. For more information on this click here.

Ongoing support
Our in-house action team will always be happy to assist you and offer any guidance. We provide all new advisers with local ‘mentoring’ support.

Book a Discovery Session

If this appeals to you then why not take the initial step to joining us by booking a discovery session. In these sessions we will delve deeper into your current situation, discuss your ambitions and identify the barriers that are preventing you from being happier and more successful. The sessions are hosted by company directors Neil Jeffrey and are available over the phone, zoom or face to face when possible due to Covid restrictions. Some of the questions offered for discussion will be:

  • Which is the right business model; independent or restricted?
  • What does an effective business plan include?
  • How can software development help you to connect better with clients and invite more?
  • In what way does the industry ‘make a difference’ to clients?
  • What support do we need and who do you turn to for help when the matter is urgent?
  • What is the best exit strategy?
  • How can we become happier and more successful in business?

To find out more information and reserve your place click here.