Positive Reactions Create Positive Outcomes

Positive Attitude

This week marks the beginning of the Rio 2016 Paralympic games. Over 4,000 athletes will take part in the games, featuring both athletes who were born with disabilities and those who developed problems later in life through accident or illness. This reminded me of a story I read during London 2012. That was the story…

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Let me think about it

Thoughtful moves

You have had the consultation, you have done the research and presented your recommendation to your client only to hear the words, “that looks fine, but I need to think about it”. How frustrating, especially when you know this investment will make a long term positive difference in their lives. If you don’t know what to say next,…

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Don’t wait for the windfall

Every day, for ever and ever, you will have to battle for everything. No one will arrive at your door with the the gift of success you feel you deserve. People are too busy battling with their own struggles to appreciate how special you are. Very few people will have the bonanza day, the lottery…

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