Business as usual?

Ok, so it’s not quite business as usual; but there’s still plenty of reasons to be positive and carry on working as normally as possible. We’re encouraging IFAs to use this time to look into their current business strategy and structure and decide if it’s the right one for them; or if there are other opportunities out there. We’re still receiving Discovery Session bookings (which for the time being will be held over the phone).

Just the other day one of our Business Consultants received the below message; which came after an initial phone call from an IFA who had requested a Discovery Session:

“We talked a few weeks ago about the possibility of me joining Truly Independent. I have given this serious consideration since we spoke and am unable to find any reason why this would not be in our best interests. I was thinking that with the current lock down, now might actually be the best time to move on this – obviously subject to any training requirements which might be difficult if unable to do remotely.”

Since receiving the message, an online application form has been completed, the applicant has uploaded pdf copies of all the relevant documentation and paid the application fee – all without the need for any face-to-face contact.

As a matter of course we send reference requests, product knowledge tests and case studies by email. In fact, due to our advanced use of technology, most of our recruitment due diligence can still be undertaken, ensuring that once the current restrictions come to an end, completion of the application process is swift and advisers appointed quickly.

If you are considering moving to a firm that operates a business model that can continue despite the current restrictions, book a discovery session to find out if a move to Truly could be the right one for you.