“Call me back”

Improve your call back rate

Everyone has had the ‘call me back’ message, and it might sound quite innocent a message to leave, but it actually can come across as a demand, an instruction which cuts into your freedom. Unfortunately, because people need a stimulus to act, the sole reason that anyone fails to return your ‘call me back’ message is that they just don’t see enough benefit in doing so.

The lack of such calls being returned is a useful measure of your effectiveness in communication. If the calls are not being returned, take it as an early warning sign that your messages are not enticing enough and maybe you could be offering less value to this person than you once were. It is a vital step in increasing your commitment to your clients when you accept you are responsible for lack of returned calls, not them.

When leaving a message, ensure it is both purposeful and enticing; so signalling the benefit of calling you back and having that conversation.

Equally, if you cannot think of a beneficial reason for them to ‘call you back’ then don’t make the call.