How to connect with more people (clients)

Connecting with more people has never been so easy, and remember, every person is a potential client. But it is important to ensure you first have the capacity for new clients. Below are a few pointers:

Improve your profile

Connecting with more clients starts with developing your own profile. Today’s generation have been born with the smartphone being natural to them and no longer question how it works. The fastest growing users of smart technology are the over fifties (possibly the average age of your client base) and are building their technology knowledge every day. They are online so much, that online is becoming standard; and your business is now expected to support and service its clients online.

When people engage with you, be they existing clients, new clients or potential clients, they will want to know more about you. They will expect you to exist online and will research you and see feedback; if you don’t exist you will lose credibility. Maintaining client interaction online is important and keeping your online profile up-to-date is vital to your perceived credibility as a financial adviser. You need testimonials, feedback, recommendations, pictures, blogs, guidance and advice etc. These are all assets to your business and of greater value than older techniques such as local newspaper adverts.

So get a profile, get your clients to use their online client web portal and get them to recommend your services online.

Focused Website

You don’t need a ridiculously expensive website, but it must be up-to-date and interactive. Your clients should be able to follow the progress of their savings and investments against their given target, and this is best achieved through a client ‘web portal’.

While many investment platforms provide online access, users are quite often taken away from your own web page to achieve this. Equally, why have a selection of logins for a variety of providers when one single client web portal could provide valuation for many vendors – a web page that has a client login, which provides a direct connection with you and your client’s investments.

Give your clients the ability to log in 24 hours a day to obtain current valuations. Although it is actually self-service, it is expected and should be part of your ongoing client support facility.

Always be pitching

In addition to your online profile, you need to improve your social (and business) pitch in order to attract prospective client interest. You should never be off duty – always be ready to pitch for your next clients, regardless of whether the circumstances of your meeting are social or business.

Your pitch is your moment to capture an audience, to capture intrigue and to prompt other questions. When asked what you do, expand on just saying “I’m a financial adviser”. Something more relevant would be to mention what you achieve for your clients, for example. Pitching is essential to attracting more clients and if you want to become more productive and connect with more people, then you need to pitch effectively.

Associations, groups, clubs and societies

To connect with more people, and therefore more clients, be sure to get out and about. Being visible in your community through taking part in society events, or by supporting local associations is a surefire way to build connections. The more connections you have, the greater your chance of generating new clients.

There is no point having a great pitch if there is nobody to pitch to. Equally, there is no sense in having a great website or social media profile, if you are not visible.

Being part of a group, an association, a society or club and more importantly, taking an active role in those groups, will enhance your life an make it more enjoyable. If you promote happiness and pitch your worth effectively, you will build your clients and your business.

There is no doubt that the best introductions to you and your services come directly from people who either know you or have done business with you. There are local clubs and associations for every activity. If you want to connect with more people and be happier, then you will benefit from being part of a club or association, and maybe gain yourself a client or two.