Continued recruitment helps produce record turnover

With everything that’s currently going on, it’s great to be able to share some positive news. We have seen our turnover hit a record high of £5.5m (for the last 12 months from April 1 2019 to April 1 2020).

A major contributing factor of our increase in turnover has been our continued recruitment of financial advisers; with 6 new advisers joining us in the first quarter of 2020 and a further 6 applications currently pending.

In 2016 we embarked on a recruitment process that embraced technology and moved to a comprehensive online recruitment process for advisers; aided by our ‘Decision Pathway’ which includes a step by step guide for advisers looking to join.

This has ensured that enquiries have continued during the lockdown; in fact, they have increased. Of course, due to some of the regulatory processes required from the FCA, we cannot operate a 100% automated application process, but we can process applications to a point, so when normality resumes these new advisers are ready to progress.

We are confident the structure and strategy of Truly Independent will see us through these uncertain times. We continue to market heavily on our website, social media and via email campaigns to both financial advisers and clients. This is to ensure that advisers know we are still recruiting and that clients know our advisers are available for business and support; client enquiries are still being generated for our advisers. This stands us well for future business.