Enjoy life and make new connections

To connect with more people, and therefore more clients, be sure to get out and about. Being visible in your community through taking part in social events, or by supporting local associations is a surefire way to build connections. The more connections you have, the greater your chance of generating new clients.

There is no point in having a great pitch if there is nobody to pitch to. Equally, there is no sense in having a great website or social media profile, if you are not visible.

Being part of a group, an association, society or club and more importantly, taking an active role in those groups, will enhance your life and make it more enjoyable. If you promote happiness and pitch your worth effectively, you will build your clients and your business.

The process of ‘knowing your client’ remains as good a phrase as any and that ethos can also work in reverse; know your adviser. There is no doubt that the best introductions to you and your services come directly from people who either know you or have done business with you.

There are local clubs and associations for every activity you do, and for those that you don’t. There are the usual, golf club, country club and sports clubs or gym, a social club (and the pub). What about hobby clubs where you may acquire a useful skill. Don’t forget the community associations and charities, who always welcome new people to help. Buying clubs are groups of people who collectively buy things to save money, some even invest and share ideas. Professional organisations run regular meetings, but most are through invitation and may involve a fee. The point is, if you want to connect with more people, and be happier, then you will benefit by being part of a club or association, and maybe, just maybe, you will enjoy yourself and gain a new client or two. There is a club for you to join somewhere.

Key points
Like the Happy financial adviser, you should…

  • Ensure you connect with more people than just your family, close friends, and existing clients.
  • Look to become a member of a local club and take part in a variety of other local associations, societies, and charities.
  • Adopt an engaging social pitch and communication skill to ensure the people you meet have every encouragement to become your client.
  • Generate many new clients, who may become your friends, and in turn, they introduce even more new clients to you, which will help you to build a strong long-term business.
  • Blog regularly on your website with up to date, imaginative and current content.
  • Have a strong and effective social media profile to drive traffic to your website and blogs, by posting url hyperlinks within the social media message (eg in a Tweet or FB post, etc.).
  • Ask for your connections and clients to recommend you on social media which leads to even more new connections and more new business.

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