Our Approach to Succession

We’ve come up with an alternative option for those wanting a smooth transition into retirement. One option that we have developed is to match a retiring adviser (retiree) with a level 4 qualified Truly Independent adviser (successor) in a two stage acquisition process. Working together, there is a natural blend of experience and qualifications where all parties can benefit, even the client.

Your successor will support you in your retirement and we can even provide a local mentor for you to work with. Our contracts and successor agreements ensure smooth and uncontested relationships. Of course, you may already have a successor in mind.

Working together, as the retiree, generating such income in retirement does not just happen without input. It is about ensuring both parties (the retiree and the successor) work together in harmony and a pre-agreed transition period:

  • Communicate regularly with each other (and clients)
  • Be fair to each other, as business partners
  • Set targets and make them joint ventures
  • Identify and agree a marketing strategy
  • Ensure the activities agreed are reviewed and improved
  • Identify and agree each other’s role or roles
  • Enjoy the change and enjoy the challenge

This type of succession strategy ensures your clients receive continuity of available advice and ongoing support without any disruptive transitions typical of a business sale. Equally, you can maintain the opportunity to receive income in your retirement at a level equivalent to your net recurring income for up to four years (or other agreed time period).

At the end of your agreed period, you can happily exit the industry…. Perhaps with a pina colada on the beach!