At Truly Independent, we empower our advisers to make more money, have more time, and to do so with less stress. Our formula for that outcome is the cornerstone of our business model; being happier in business is essential. Happiness is a science and is incorporated within our systems, service and support propositions.

We pay our advisers twice a week based upon business completed. The more you write, the more you receive. The happier you are, the more productive and successful you are.

How much will I earn?

How much you will be paid at Truly depends upon more than just split rates, instead consider these factors:

How much new business do you write?

How much recurring business do you receive?

How happy are you?

We have a unique charging structure for our advisers that is fair for all and includes a distinct and recurring income ‘extra bonus’ feature. The more you earn, the less percentage you pay. Advisers are all self-employed and are paid between 70% – 90% of their gross income dependent on their production level.

Plus, in addition to the Production Bonus, a further 5% can be achieved for recurring income providing they meet the firm’s client support agreement standards.

This remuneration model is unique to us and exists to encourage advisers to look after existing clients and fulfil their client support agreement pledges; this is our Value Proposition.

We also encourage our advisers to pursue higher qualifications that result in the CII Chartered Financial Planner awards. Holding Chartered Status provides the opportunity for higher bonus earning.

Standard Rate

Production Bonus

Value Bonus

Chartered Bonus

Retention Rate Calculator

“The more you write, the more you keep”

Enter new business
Enter annual recurring business
CII - Chartered Financial Planner
In millions, how much could be invested through Vero Platform
Current position
Overall Pay
Effective % you receive%
If you are happier in business, research shows that you will be 12% more productive.
Current position plus 12%
Overall Pay
Effective % you receive%

Please note; this pay calculator reflects the actual calculator used to determine payments and bonuses however the figures shown should only be used as a guide. Payments will depend on your actual production annually. For further information please contact us to discuss. Revised rates effective from 1st January 2019

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