The Google Generation

I grew up pre-internet, and then suffered dial up in my early teens – but I am still part of the ‘google generation’ – those whose first instinct is to find all their answers on the internet (I need nobody to help me, just a wi-fi connection).

However, I can still survive without it – I can read a map for instance. And I’ll still seek out actual real-life people (in the real world) to advise me on things – like high street travel agents for booking holidays or even financial advisers.

Deeper into the google generation, a reported 70% of two to five year olds have their own iPad/tablet computer in this country. Children who don’t know a world without the internet – people who know ‘googling it’ as a way of life.

These people believe they don’t need advice, they don’t need anyone’s help, google will have the answer – and if it doesn’t it’ll at least tell them where to look for it.

This generation won’t go looking for long term advice, they’ll seek out a short-term solution to an immediate problem online. You only have to look at the rise in pay-day loan companies to see this. As an industry, we need to seek out the ‘google generation’ and educate them in financial matters.

That is why, to sustain your place in this world as a modern financial adviser, you must have an online presence. The stronger that presence is, the more people you can connect with and the more successful and happy you could be.