Two monitors halve the time

Dual monitors for IFAs

Well it’s Monday morning and the kids are back to school and it’s raining stair rods where I am. So whilst in the office, I was reflecting on what technology improvements I can make and what I have made that I would now not be without; Twin Monitors / Dual Screens

The one that has improved my research and admin productivity the most has to be having two monitors. This set up is common place in many organisations and for good reason. I however was not convinced and being tight (cheap) didn’t want the outlay and convinced myself it was a gimmick.

That was until a good friend of mine just over a year ago told me how such a setup had helped him. Now this chap is no techno geek, in fact he avoids it where he can. This made his revelation to me all the more surprising and interesting.

So about a year ago I put my hand in my pocket and purchased a second screen (that was the hardest part of the process). I was unconvinced for the first week, until I got stuck into a couple of pension cases and my eyes opened to how effective having two screens can be. The amount of paper and toner I save alone not having to print stuff out as I can read it on the other screen is worth the investment.

Anyway I thought it was worth sharing and I recommend you do some research online and see why such a setup is fast becoming the normal in so many organisations. If it helps you be a little bit more productive, it’s got to be worthwhile.