Wishing three more Truly Advisers a happy retirement

As three exceptional advisers—Rob Ritchie, Alan Simpson, and John Martin—retire from Truly Independent, we bid them farewell with gratitude and best wishes. Their dedication to independence and excellence has left a positive mark on our company.

We sat down and spoke to Rob Ritchie to get his thoughts and opinions on his time with Truly Independent.

How long have you been with Truly Independent as a self-employed financial adviser?
“I’ve been a part of Truly Independent for 7 years.”

What initially attracted you to join Truly Independent as a self-employed adviser?
“Being totally independent and the head office back up.”

Can you describe your overall experience working as a self-employed adviser at Truly Independent?
“It has been a very happy experience, working alongside like-minded people knowing that I had total support.”

Would you recommend Truly Independent as a desirable company for other self-employed advisers? Why or why not?
“Certainly would, as you can work autonomously but with the help and backup of a great Head Office team and other Advisers’ support.”

Did you utilise Truly Independent’s succession plan upon your retirement? If so, could you briefly describe your experience with it so far?
“Yes, just happening now, painless and seamless and very fair indeed.”

What were the key factors that influenced your decision to opt for Truly Independent’s succession plan?
“It’s initial 4 year term for maximum payout and for the fact that it would be effortless for me when it happened.”

How satisfied were you with the support and guidance provided by Truly Independent throughout the succession planning process?
“100% satisfied, even in the early days it was fantastic and has proved itself over the years.”

In Conclusion

To Rob, Alan, and John: thank you for your invaluable contributions. Everyone at Truly Independent wishes you a very long and happy retirement.

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