Yammer Intranet – Altogether Connected

Our Yammer Intranet allows us to connect and engage across the company. Staying connected is more important than ever, and this is a simple way for us to collaborate, share knowledge and engage with each other.

We want to ensure uniformity of thinking across the whole company, and this is further delivered through our use of Yammer. Tapping into the intranet allows our advisers to interact on a professional or personal level, further enhancing the cooperative ethos here at Truly Independent.

Our intranet brings everyone together who share the same goals, traditions and ambitions so that collaboration just happens – even on the go. Our adviser can always stay connected to information and conversations.

It’s a place where our advisers and Action Team can discuss ideas, share updates and source answers from each other throughout the UK. It gives us a faster and smarter way to connect and collaborate across the business.

The key aspects of what the system allows us to do includes:

  • Share and collaborate with your network of co-workers
  • Tap into knowledge across our organisation
  • Connect and engage with everyone
  • It works seamlessly with Office
  • Download important documents
  • Use your Inbox to view, prioritize and manage notifications