If you are looking for a new role as an independent financial adviser, Truly Independent could have the IFA career you are looking for. We are a UK-wide financial advice firm, listed as one of the top 100 by FTAdvisers. We have big brand values, IFA support and a unique payment structure to ensure we are happy financial advisers. Authorised in 2010, we have steadily recruited year on year and are on target to become a UK leading financial advice company.

We empower our advisers to make more money, have more time, and to do so with less stress. We pay our advisers twice a week based upon business completed (up to 95% retention rate). The more you write, the more you receive. The happier you are, the more productive and successful you are.

We exist to support advisers who understand and appreciate that our development is always with their clients in mind and that means embracing the value of independence; unbiased and unrestricted, while not influenced by others.

We recognise that when our advisers are happy in their work, they are more productive and their clients are happier too. If you are unhappy with your financial adviser network, book a discovery session and find out more about reducing your stress, increasing your spare time and earning more money. We actively promote happiness as the foundation of an efficient and effective organisation. Get in touch now and restart your IFA career.