Are you an independent financial adviser (IFA) who has the desire to work for yourself but feel you need the support of other advisers and an experienced business? Truly Independent could be your ideal solution. There are so many advantages to being a self-employed financial adviser and even more so being one with us.

Work-life balance

Traditional workplaces can be restrictive with set hours and holiday allowance, but this is your business, and you’re in charge. Work the hours you choose and take the holidays you desire. The flexibility of self-employment allows you to set your own timetable.

Earning potential

Not only can you make more money working as a self-employed financial adviser, but you can also save money on day-to-day costs as well. There are low overheads which leaves greater room for profit. Your earning potential is unlimited as it is not capped.

Ownership and Control

It’s your IFA business so you’re in control and you make the decisions. Your advice and investment process isn’t dictated by anyone, nor are there targets in place. You also charge your clients what you think is fair.

Client Control

Work with the clients you want to work with. By providing genuine, sound advice, you’ll be able to build up a great network of contacts. Plus, the better quality clients you have, you’ll be in a greater position when it comes to retirement and you wish to sell your business.


Being a self-employed financial adviser means you are able to work where you want, when you want and with who you want. Choose your own hours that best suit you and your family.

No Commute

You have the option for flexible and remote working if you wish. Work in the environment that’s best suited for you whether that’s a rented office in the city centre or the comfort of your own home.

Decreased Stress

You have much more control over your stress levels, if things are getting too much then you can easily take a break to relax. Having no commute can reduce stress by avoiding that early morning rush hour.

Working Culture

You dictate your own working culture. Work with people you like and you are not confined to an office with people you may not get on with.


You get to select when you work so whether it’s a family event, school performance or just catching up with friends you’ll have the ability to work around this.

Tax Deductions

Benefit from tax deductions by beingĀ  a self-employed IFA. Working for yourself means you’ll be able to claim various expenses and allowances.

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