Discussion & Discovery Session

Have you ever taken part in any discussion about the financial services industry or your position within it?

Truly Independent are running a series of open discussion and discovery workshops throughout 2018 aimed at regulated financial advisers across the UK.

Hosted by co-founder and author, Andrew Goodwin, these sessions are limited to small groups of between 4 and 8 financial advisers. As a group, you will be invited to discuss matters around 6 key areas that we have identified as being fundamental to running a happier and more successful business. Some of the questions offered for discussion will be:

  • Which is the right business model; independent or restricted?
  • What does an effective business plan include?
  • How can software development help you to connect better with clients and invite more?
  • In what way does the industry ‘make a difference’ to clients?
  • What support do we need and who do you turn to for help when the matter is urgent?
  • What is the best exit strategy?
  • How can we become happier and more successful in business?

You are encouraged to attend one of the sessions near you. You will have the opportunity to get involved and meet like-minded individuals in a safe environment and openly compare your experiences; you might even discover something new about you, your industry and your next step.

Taking place over a lunch (on us), these sessions last approximately 2 hours and are more than worth your while. Feedback from attendees so far this year includes:

  • “Thanks to Neil and Andrew again for a very informative and enjoyable discovery session”
  • “I found the session very thought provoking and it certainly resonated with me on a number of levels given i have been giving considerable thought to my future in recent months.”
  • “I thought the whole approach was very refreshing”

To reserve your place at a venue near you click here.