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If you are a Financial Adviser, get your 2023 off to a great start by booking a Discovery Session to join Truly Independent.
We are now offering a fixed minimum retention rate of 85% to new advisers that join us in their first year. No fees, no levies, no minimum charge. We empower our advisers to earn more and be happier doing so. After your first year, you will then move to our standard retention rate, where you will be capable of retaining up to 95%. Find out how much you could earn by using our retention calculator here.

There are many reasons to join Truly Independent
On top of offering new advisers a minimum retention rate of 85%, we continue to provide truly amazing benefits to our advisers. We exist to support advisers who understand and appreciate that our development is always with their clients in mind, and that means embracing the value of independence, unbiased and unrestricted, while not influenced by others. We recognise that when our advisers are happy in their work, they are more productive, and their clients are happier too.

Earn more
At Truly Independent, we not only support but encourage our advisers with our very generous charging structure. The more you earn, the less percentage you pay. Advisers are all self-employed and are paid between 70% to 90% of their gross income, dependent on their production level. Plus, in addition to the production bonus, a further 5% can be achieved for recurring income, providing they meet the firm’s client support agreement standards.

Remain Independent
We are an established Independent Financial Advice firm on target to have 100 advisers throughout the UK this year. There are now only 47 Financial advice firms with over 50 advisers in the UK. When you consider that of those 47, many will be restricted, it becomes clear that now is the perfect time to join Truly Independent. We are one of the few large INDEPENDENT advice firms that are dedicated to remaining so. When you consider that, along with all the other benefits we offer, joining Truly really does become a no-brainer.

Spend more time doing what you love
By joining Truly Independent, you get your regulatory infrastructure taken care of. This gives you a compliant platform to operate without having to organise regulation yourself. Our compliance team is always on hand to support you. One of the main benefits of choosing Truly Independent is the continued support we offer our advisers even after your initial induction. Our in-house action team will always be happy to assist you and provide guidance. This allows our advisers to get back to doing what they do best…advising their clients.

Our marketing will help you grow
We have an in-house marketing team established in our head office. We understand the importance of effective marketing. Not only for growing our own brand to recruit more advisers but to generate more leads for them too. We have a range of financial adviser marketing solutions; some of which are included in our generic marketing activities and some which fall into our added value resource packages. Over 90% of our advisers appear on the first page of Google for their relevant search term.

Secure your retirement plans
Another benefit of joining Truly is that we will give you the help and support you need when you start to think about retirement. We have implemented a succession strategy into our business model that will help you to be prepared for when you finally decide to end your career as a IFA. 4×4 succession is a unique buy-out retirement contract available to all our advisers, existing and new. It is the final piece of a comprehensive adviser support proposition to ensure your journey with us and into retirement, is truly easy. Advisers who have been with us for at least 4 years can retire from us with up to 4 times their annual renewal income.

Become a happy financial adviser
Above all else, at Truly we believe that a happy financial adviser is a more successful financial adviser. This is built deep into our company values, and is why:

  • Over 98% of Truly advisers experience has been positive.
  • Over 94% of Truly advisers have an improved work-life balance.
  • Over 90% of Truly advisers have a more efficient business.
  • Over 96% of Truly advisers would recommend joining us to a friend.

Take the first steps to become a happy financial adviser by booking your Discovery Session by using the form below.

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