Now is the time to make changes

Among all the Brexit uncertainty, there is an understandable rationale to sit tight, hold on to what you have and do nothing until the way is clear.

Feedback from our financial advisers and from the financial services industry as a whole, suggests that investors have moved from their confident position to regularly add to their investments to one of ‘wait and see’. Are your clients taking a postponement position too?

While a lack of new business is frustrating, this pause in new business provides an opportunity for the financial adviser instead. While your diary is quieter than normal, consider making those changes you have put off yourself. You have time on your side this summer, so my message is “don’t waste it”.

If you believe that Brexit is going to happen, then you need to make plans to be in the right place, with the right company, ready for the inevitable return and flow of new clients by the start of 2020.

Maybe you have had doubts about the firm you are currently with or the circumstances you find yourself in and know you need to change. If so, you have a window to the end of 2019 to implement those changes.

You might be happy where you are but could you be happier?

  • Could you make changes to the technology you use to make you more efficient?
  • Are you fed up of the administration associated with being Directly Authorised?
  • Could being independent open up more opportunities for new business?
  • Is there a way to improve the way you communicate with your clients that will make a positive difference in their lives?
  • Do you need better support in place to take away the stress?
  • How effective is your marketing; do you have a regular flow of new clients?
  • Have you made sensible plans for your own retirement?

It may be your complete business strategy needs a rethink!

Most financial advisers we meet are in denial about their circumstances. That denial prevents them from making essential changes to their business. That is why we created the ‘scorecard’. It allows a financial adviser to measure themselves against our advisers and provides each participant with a comparative score in a personal report specific to them.

There is no doubt, because of Brexit uncertainty, 2019 will not be a year of growth, but it could be the year of missed opportunities to change, improve and develop your business. That is what we are doing, and you should too.

We are approaching a new decade, help us make it a bumper decade. Join us and prepare for a happier lifestyle that you don’t yet think is possible.

Start to make changes today. Start with our scorecard test here.