Our Approach to Support

We provide new advisers with local mentoring support. From our vast experience, we know that in-the-field support is crucial to the long-term success of any financial adviser. Our mentoring approach is unique and allows an adviser’s induction needs to be tailored specifically to them.

The training and mentoring that are carried out by existing financial advisers in the firm which means there is always a high adviser-to-staff ratio, the benefit of which is an impressive cost-saving.

We distribute that saving to increase adviser pay, added value development and profit, all of which contributes to providing a happy environment. We are an off-the-shelf business that individual advisers can adopt quickly without fuss, yet with endless support.

What do mentors do?

They provide in-the-field support to the newly appointed adviser. Following the new adviser’s initial induction course, the mentor will follow up soon after and ensure the adviser is settled back into their home workstation or local office and will offer advice and training. The mentor will be the first port of call for any new adviser who needs support while in transition.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are all existing IFAs within the firm, who have already achieved the company’s minimum standards of advice, competence, and training. They will also be self-employed IFAs and have undergone additonal training specifically focused to mentor new IFAs in or near their local area. They are not supervisors or managers, but they are paid for their mentoring support.

Can anyone become a mentor?

In short, yes. A mentor needs to satisfy minimum standards in all areas, be fully competent on IT systems and demonstrate loyalty to the firm. However, they also need to be living in or near a certain area whcih requires support. There are hence vacancies UK-wide to support our growth.

What other skills or standards does a mentor require?

We require our mentors to be:

  • A self-employed Truly Independent IFA
  • Hold the Truly Competent Adviser Status (TCAS) certificate
  • Able to demonstrate our IT systems and hold a thorough knowledge of generic software such as email, Excel, Word, Yammer, product research etc
  • Personable and patient
  • Willing to respond quickly to requests for support
  • Willing to travel and provide time to others
  • Part of a team

Our business development mentors (consultants) will help you plan your transition and support you in the early months. They will help you to focus your time on the important business factors and ensure you consciously understand your transitional goals and how we can help you effectively achieve them.