Truly plant donated trees

The time has come to plant our ten pledged trees. Back in November, Truly Independent announced our support for the Realise Forest initiative.

The planting took place at Kingmoor Park on Tuesday, 14th February.

We have always strived to do our best to positively impact the communities we serve. Having previously supported the National Autistic Society, Hospice at Home and the Buddy Bag Foundation. We now offer our support for another fantastic cause.

Truly sent CEO Andrew Goodwin and Managing Director Katie Brinsden to plant the trees.

Andrew said, “At Truly, we are always looking for worthwhile charities to get behind and give back to the community. While we are already on the low side when it comes to emitting carbon emissions, we always strive to do more. Realise HR was a great opportunity to put this into effect, and we are proud to help out any way we can.”

RealiseHR is a company that delivers practical HR solutions. Partnering with Kingmoor Park in Carlisle, the business has launched the Realise Forest project to support net-zero ambitions within the local business community and provide local school children with learning opportunities around reducing carbon emissions.

Work on the forest began in June this year. It is a collaborative space helping to promote sustainability within the region, offering businesses like Truly Independent the opportunity to donate and plant trees at an annual tree-planting event.